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LisaMaurel.com - Lisa Maurel MFT The LGBTQ journey and the quest for wholeness and integrity in self expression is a challenging one. If you are here, you must be taking steps to give yourself the resources that you need, or you are a professional or healing ally for the LGBTQ community.I’m glad you are here.On my website, you will find articles, resources and support that will enable you to attain a deeper level of knowledge, courage, and compassion for yourself and those you love.

Please note that LisaMaurel.com is in development. If you need help, resources, or information about training right now, please click here to contact me and I’ll get back in touch with you shortly.I welcome you to visit Genderpath.com, Therapy4OCLesbians.com, and Therapists4Equality  to dialogue with the community, and for additional help and resources.As a professional therapist, my expertise includes providing therapy to clients exploring gender identity, clients who have transitioned or are pursing transition; as well as families, children and spouses of  LGTBQ people.

Again, if you would like more information about my services, please contact me by email or via the contact form here.

Thank You,

Lisa Maurel, MFT


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