Genderpath – Transwomen

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Welcome transwomen!

I have many women in my practice who are transgender and are exploring lesbian identity.

I have extensive experience working with lesbian transwomen and am knowledgeable about the nuances of sexual and gender identity.

Visit my other page,, for more resources.

Transwomen face the same issues that ciswomen and lesbians face:

Emotional and psycho-social development
Sexism and Lesbian phobia
Coming out
Self esteem and the  ”beauty culture”

Issues specific to transgender women include:

Stressors associated with coming out, marginalization and discrimination within the LGBT community
Relationship Negotiation with partners-boundaries, sexuality and identity (loss of lesbian classification)
Self Acceptance
Heteronormativity, sexism, and internalized transphobia
Sexual Orientation exploration (questioning sexuality upon transition)
Shame, depression and anxiety associated with stigma, violence, bullying, abuse associated with transness
Making a living while being your authentic self

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