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Therapists4Equality Is:

LGBTQ Affirming Continuing Education, Speaking Engagements, and Consulting for Therapists and People In the Helping Professions
I’m in my fourth year of being a CEU Provider with the BBS (PCE 4474) and I love teaching. Along the way, I have networked with therapists in OC who are dedicated to the principles of Affirmative Therapy.
As part of my commitment to education and mentorship of therapists who want to learn about affirmative therapy, I provide CEU courses, a consolation group, and speaking services on location. Contact me for more information or follow the links above.


About Therapists4Equality

To provide affirming and empowering therapy to the LGBT community. To increase awareness of the impact of discrimination and minority stress upon LGBT people and to combat that discrimination through education and advocacy; especially in the realm of mental health and mental health service providers.

Lisa Maurel, MFT provides individual, couple and family therapy in Orange County, CA. She is a BBS approved CEU provider in California for MFT’s and LCSW’s. Lisa provides presentations about and writes about issues related to LGBT relationships, mental health, equality and affirmative therapy.

Affirmative Therapy is an approach to working with LGBT clients which affirms and supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Identity and Same Sex Relationships and incorporates education and support for LGBT clients in developing positive identity and self esteem while addressing the impact of discrimination, heterosexism and homo, lesbian, bi and trans phobias. Affirmative Therapy empowers LGBT clients and family systems to address conflicts of incorporating LGBT affirmation within the family system such as generational, cultural, or value based differences in order to support family adjustment and health.

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