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Therapy4OCLesbians Is:

Affirming Therapy for Lesbian Women and Their Partners.

 As a Lesbian Affirming Therapist, I’m here to provide a uniquely safe place for you to tell your story and find the answers within yourself that will enable you to conquer the challenges that you face. As a kind of guide on your journey, I am here to listen, reflect and offer tools and resources that will assist you along the way.I’ve been in practice for 18 years. I specialize in helping lesbian women who want to empower themselves, resolve past pain or conflict that is interfering with their relationships, or find balance in their personal and professional lives. I help couples create the lives they want through the powerful work of therapy.

If you are stuck in patterns of negative relating, or if you feel disconnected and unable to return to a place of love for one another, couples therapy is a supportive space in which to learn tools for growth and closeness. Contact me for a consultation or appointment.

Common issues for Lesbian Couples Can Include

Fostering and maintaining a balance of intimacy and healthy independence.

Sexual intimacy.

Managing conflict and anger.

Family formation planning and co-parenting.

Working with familial, cultural, and religious contexts that strain relationship.

Boundaries, Intimacy, and Passion

Gender identities and expressions in the context of LGBTQ identity.


Peace to you on your journey.


         Questions? Click Here to Contact Me.

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