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In my own journey, I have found that the greatest strength came to  me through the process of telling my story and finding my own voice. Therapy proved to be a catalyst of change and healing in this regard. By deconstructing the ideas, expectations or labels that were not my own, I could reconstruct my life, my path and emerge with more strength and clarity for what lay ahead. I could lay aside fear and embrace my own truth with dignity. I see therapy as a tool for exploring  every facet of your identity, your life goals, your personal relationships and your recovery from past pain. As an affirming therapist, I can help you with these important issues, while integrating and understanding how sexual identity,  fears about coming out or the impact of dealing with family rejection or discrimination, can have an impact on every area of your life.

As an LGBTQ affirming therapist, I consider it a privilege, to assist you in overcoming these struggles and find your voice, your  strength as you develop, grow and become the person you are uniquely gifted to be.

With over 18 years of licensed clinical experience, I continue to find the journey of each client intriguing, challenging and exciting. I bring myself, my own story and my professional training and experience, to meet each person with the intent to simply listen.  It is my passion to participate in my clients journey as a guide, a mentor, a teacher and confidante.

To discuss how I may be of help to you, please contact me by phone:  714.390.8189  or email me using the contact form below.

- Lisa Maurel, MFT
CA Lic. 32416





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